Moving to smaller room...

Currently I have a set of Dynaudio Confidence C4's in a dedicated theater room.  The space is quite large, 25ish x 30ish plus.  I have a separate setup for my dedicated 2-channel in the room as well.  We'll likely be moving, and likely will not have a dedicated theater space.  I suspect that I'll have a much smaller room, 15x10, would be a good guess.  Essentially, I'll be repurposing a bedroom as my office/listening space.  

I currently have two options I'm investigating.  I've had the C4's in a much smaller room and they are quite limiting, if you don't have a big enough space.  I'm looking at a set of Harbeth 40.1's or HL5 Plus's.  

Looking for thoughts on using the 40.1 or HL5's in a smaller space.
Those Harbeths are ported and I think they will not be a good match for that size room. You should look at a sealed type LS3/5A design for a small room. The Harbeth P3ESR would be a better fit!
Thank you yogiboy.  But, I'm trading in the Dyn's and those are the only two versions of Harbeth's they have.