Moving to Ireland from US

Need help - need a nice, inexpensive integrated amp for my move to Ireland. Any advice? Also, should I bring my Technics turntable? Will it work with an electric adapter or would I be better off storing for my return?

Ireland works on 240V-50Hz you'd probably be better of buying there

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I'd agree that you might want to wait until you are there. Also, turntables don't always travel well, even if you have original packaging. I'd be worried about sending a TT overseas.

Pink Fish Media seems to be a pretty active forum in the UK. You might look for used gear there. Art of Sound is smaller, but another UK site worth looking at the classifieds of.
I agree with the above. Wait until you're over there and buy from a local dealer and establish a good relationship with them.
The Arcam integrateds have a user selectable switch on back so you can change the voltage.

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Based on budget, you might look at Naim. Once you are there I am sure that the prices will be lower due to the dollar exchange rate. And they are made right there in Scottland. Linn is Scottish as well. But it depends on your tastes.
If it's Dublin you're headed to there are a few dealers of quality "kit" and I agree your best bet will be to buy a system once there. Plus with the 240/50 AC you'll want components with transformers that were designed for this voltage/frequency. But let us know how it turns out and enjoy Ireland, a wonderful place.