Moving to Europe

Can you take an American-made turntable (like a VPI Prime Scout) to Europe and use it there or would it have to be modified somehow? 

* The wife is planning on moving us to Europe and turntables (which I am currently in the market for) are a big consideration for me. Do I just wait and buy one there or, can I bring an American-made one over there?
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Most excellent, Elizabeth. 
Why not buy one and then add an EU spec VPI ADS when you move - that way it will work in Europe and sound better too!
Depends on the player. Some allow you to change the region setting. I have a few EU DVDs that play just fine on my Oppo because of the way I set it up. Do a web search.
Most turntables have separate adaptors so you need get an european type! In worse case, you can also buy 230 to 110v convector for your electronics! Don’t forget to check the import tax bc sometimes it’s cheaper to buy your gears inside EU!
If you get Nottingham you would only have to replace the motor, about $400, I guess. Makes no sense to buy it here, though, it is less expensive if you buy it from the UK, don’t know about other countries.
If your moving to Europe and your organization is paying for the move, then perhaps a weight/price allowance would accommodate your speakers and a car or two. Spent many years overseas and have dealt with a lot of audio equipment during that time,  A lot of source audio equipment (preamps/cd players/dvd players/surround receivers) have 120/240 switchable power supply. You can easily see this on the back panel where the plug connects into the device. Even some older direct drive turntables, Technics, Denon have a switchable power supply. My Deon DP62L has this feature. Modern belt drive turntables with outboard quartz driven Power supplies should have a means to select either 120/240. Most often, a turntable with this feature will use a different size belt for 50 herz vs 60 herz for proper speed. Remember, anything mechanical with speed requirements more often requires a proper frequency to operate. Conversely, non mechanical devices, amps, preamps, can use a step up/down transformer with no problem with US or European equipment. I used an tube phono amp in Germany with a transformer for several years without any issues. There is transformer hum associated with the use of a transformer though. 
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