Moving tall ESL's across town, no boxes. Advice

I'm relocating 15 miles, combination city/hwy drive. Speakers are ML Sequel II's (6 ft by 13 inches). The least laborious choice for me would be to hire pro movers but I fear carelessness. I do have access to a standard size pickup and would consider a special trip with the speakers only. Any advice is welcome in regards to packing, handling (upright vs horizontal), etc is welcome. The tall, narrow profile makes me want to be cautious. Thanks in advance, Bob.

Rent a small box truck like Ryder and U Haul have available.

Use heavy cardboard wrapped with moving blankets and secure UPRIGHT against the wall behind the cab. This is the smoothest ride for the speakers.

If you carry anything else in the back be sure it cannot slide into the speakers. Starts and stops that seem gentle to the driver can send things flying in the box area.
If you have access to a car with a hatchback and rear seats that fold down, they'll fit. Depending on the car, you may have to move one at a time, but you shouldn't have any problems.
you can buy 4' x 8' x 1" thick, sheets of styrofoam at Home Depot type places and place them on the bed of the truck and even tape pieces on all sides of the speakers for the ride. make the trip twice, one per speaker and for less than $40 it should be pretty safe.

pick a sunny day ;^)

good luck
I've moved tall speakers before, inc. Innersounds and Sound Labs. After thinking about the tender ministrations of movers and the likely carelessness of others, I did as Albert Porter recommends.

I spent about $100 and it took about 4 hours to do a 10 mile turnaround, incl. getting the truck, taking it back and so forth. Nothing else but the speakers and well wrapped in moving blankets ($5.oo apiece from Uhaul)

How much did you say it would cost to repair the speakers if they're damaged?? That questions helped my perspective.
Is there a river nearby?
place the speakers in large box filled with jeppers creepers baby food. They will arrive in your new home like a new born baby.
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