Moving Out of Matrix 805's

All right -- I've seen pieces of answer to this before but I'm looking for consolidation. I'm looking to move out of my B&W Martix 805's and into a similarly sized speaker with cost "some object" (i.e. let's not hope for lotto winnings to get them.

Driving them will be a Jolida 302B (fully modded by Underwood Hifi and tube rolled to a fare-thee well).

Musical tastes are all over the map but primarily female vocals (Gretchen Lieberbrun through Joni Mitchell -- who BTW has a vocal range that really shows off just where the crossover on the 805's is) to Patricia Barber, Susan Tedeschi, Shemeika Copeland, Jane Monheit etc.) but also roll in old Allman Brothers, Jefferson Airplane, Steely Dan, et al.

I'm considering particularly JM Reynaud Trentes (relatively high efficiency, demos are a good price and the reviews -- especially on soundstaging which is critical to my taste). What Else Pray Tell? Thanks. And please, no floor-standers. It's a small enough room as it is.

maybe the nautilus 805's?
I moved from Matrix 803s on 7" Sound Anchors to Tyler monitors on Soliloquy stands. Small listening room. I'm very pleased. I considered Wilson Benesch Arcs but could not find a used pair. Joel
Ribbons do vocals better than anything IMO, here is a link to some pictures of Vmps 626R's on bearded Sound Anchor stands Great sounding speakers.

How about Reference 3A? They might be just the ticket
Coincident Triumphs?
Listen to the Green Mountain Euorpa's and the EFE Technology T-22's. Both speakers are great and sound better than the Reynaud Offandes to my ears. The Europa's have and incredable "you are there" feeling.

Check out the stands that go with the Trentes
Some type of tuned helmotz resonator.
If I were you, these are what I would consider:

Signature 805
Revel M20
Sonus Faber Auditor
Another vote for Green Mountain Europas or Reynaud Trentes.
I find the 805 Matrix sins of omission more acceptable than the N805s sins of commission so I would avoid that route. I haven't heard either the Reference 3A or the VMPS 626R but people I trust like them.