moving on from Arcam

I have a set of PSB Platinum M2s and an Arcam A75 which I have been happy with for years, but I've decided to get a decent DAC, which led me to slightly more upscale items such as the MusicalFidelity M6i or the Peachtree Nova 125. I would like to keep it simple...I originally heard these speaks on McIntosh stuff, and they're capable of more. But I might be finding them a little too forward and exacting these days. They are very neutral and balanced, but maybe not so musical. I think the only speaker I liked as much at the time cost 1000 more! Will a new integrated solve this or should I really be looking at other speakers?

thanks all.
I'm sorry I can't comment on your specific spks. and int. amp driving them, but I've owned a few pieces of Arcam, with the Alpha 10 int. amp being the most refined. I liked them all but not enough to be satisfied in the long term. (Arcam, in my experience, has exc. cust. support.) My feeling is that the A75 is not in the same class as your spks. and I would think of replacing this piece. You said it yourself. The question is what would be a better replacement? PSB and NAD c375? Marantz 8004/Yamaha S1000/2000...???