Moving on after Audio Research LS2

I'm thinking of moving on and replacing my LS2. I love and enjoy the simplicity of this unit & what it does in my system but would like the convenience of a remote. I would prefer a tubed pre that could extract a little more definition out of my system. What do you guys recommend? Thanks in advance.
My system consists of:
Theta Pearl Transport
Theta DS Pro Basic II
Audio Research LS2
Audio Prism Debut MK.II
Spendors 1/2
All cabling i/cs including digital is by Cardas. (Golden Cross). The front end and pre are connected to a Power Wedge 116. The amp has a CPCC model 11 p/c connected to a 20 amp dedicated line. Other tweaks include Brass and DH Cones inside a Michael Green Clamprack.
Before getting rid of the Audio Research, I would consider
changing cables to extract more info as requested.Its possible the Cardas is not revealing all info your Audio Research is wanting to give out. Try another cable manufacturer ( silver )and results could be very suprizing. There are qutie a few wire companies which allow trial periods for home demos. This may let you upgrade your wires only and still get the "detail" your looking for.
Audio Research used to offer a remote control upgrade for the LS2. If you like your LS2 and want to keep it, give them a call and see if they still offer this upgrade. If I remember correctly, it used to cost around $700.
I went from an LS2 to an ARC Ref-1. The improvement was more than I expected, especially in the bass. Down the road you could have Steve at Great Northern Sound do his upgrade to the Ref-1 for another $2000 to make it a true reference product.

I also agree with Thorman about cables. I tried the Golden Cross in my system and found them too warm and colored. Golden reference was the best Cardas cable followed by Neutral Reference and the standard Cross.