Moving on a sailboat - bookshelf speakers?

I've decided to spend a year on a sailboat. I'm loath to give up my home system as it's about as good as you can get before spending silly money. (LX521s, ATI/Parasound, maxed-out Linn LP12 with Blackbird arm and VdH Frog) All of it is going in storage except for my Ayre QB-9 Twenty powered by my M1 Mac Mini. 

I am interested in opinions on great bookshelf speakers that actually need to live in a bookshelf. (No room for stand-mounted speakers in a 40' monohull sailboat.) I also need a good integrated amp to power the speakers. (I'm leaning towards the Audio by Van Alstine Vision SET 120 Control Amplifier.) 

I think I've got about 18" tall by 12" deep as limitations. Maybe less. (I'll update when I know for sure.) 

What speakers should I be looking at? Various reviews like the KEF but declare that it needs stands. Others declare the sub-$1000 B&W anniversary speakers and don't mention stands. I wish I could fit a pair of LX Minis, but the associated mid/bass tube knocks it out of the running. 


Its been over a decade ago. I installed a Gallo Acoustics system on a Newport 30. He would leave the little sub in his dock locker on race days.

A wide beam tub with a tiller, glorified day sailer. The Newport 30's would blow right past the big Islanders even in the shade. Fun times.


+1 Spendor

There is the Spendor A1 listed here for $1500. Same sealed design like the 4/5 and can be placed on a bookshelf. I’ve owned many Spendors including the A1s and the 3/5r2s ( pre 4/5s ). BTW, any LS3/5A type of design should do the trick! The Harbeth P3ESR was my favorite of that type of speaker!


If you happen to live in the NW, visit Gig Harbor Audio.

For $1,000 they offer a pair of bookshelf speakers that

beat anything I have heard suitable for bookshelf.

They actually have a pair mounted in a bookshelf.


Not sure if you have considered the marine environment's effect

on speakers? There are brands designed for tougher conditions

as you will be experiencing. 


Keep us posted on your outcome!


Get a bigger boat and solar panels, take it with you. No really be safe and I am green…with envy I love being on the water.