moving magnet cartridge suggestions for rp8?

Hello everyone I am currently looking at a new Rega RP8 turntable. My dealer is trying to sell it to me with the Apheta mc on it. But my cary Audio SLP-98p preamp only has moving magnet preamp built in. They keep telling me to buy a step up transformer. But I do not want to spend any more money on a $1000 transformer and more money on cables. Or ship it down to cary to upgrade the phono preamp.

So any suggestions on MM cartridges that would work marvellously with the Rega RP8?
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If you go with the Ortofon you should get a tonearm spacer from Rega to be able to achieve proper VTA setting. The Black has a Shibata stylus profile which is particularly sensitive to proper alignment.
I heard the Rega Exact on a RP8, thought it was more natural and honest than the Ortofon Black I was using at the time.
The mere fact it was designed for the Rega arm is a huge adavantage IMO .I agree with Bill k but I'd up him one, a Shibata stylus is VERY hard to get right and a Rega is a PITA to do it on.
I would look at the
Clearaudio - Maestro V2 Ebony MM Cartridge or the Virtuoso V2. Both awesome MM's.
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A high-output MC like a Dynavetor DV20X-H would work very well. You can run that through the MM phono stage.
Second the Rega Exact 2 if you don't want to mess up with spacers. Designed for Rega tonearms, it will work extremely well with the RP8.

Adding spacers for proper VTA will open up the field for a better MM cart. You cannot go wrong with the Nagaoka MP-500 ($700.00) or the Virtuoso V2 ($900.00).
Does the Cary 98P use the octal base tubes? I'm thinking an AT150MLX, or AT150ANV if you can find one, would sound wonderful in combo.
Another vote for the Nagaoka MP-500.
Goldring Eroica high output MC. Works well in the Rega arms and you may not have to use a spacer at all. Maybe. Very nice cart for under a grand.
What is the output rating on the Goldring Eroica compared to the dynavector 20xh?
I have never heard of octal bass tubes before? Please fill me in.
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Ortofon 2m Black
Currently using this model on my Vpi Prime. Great performing cartridge.
I had a AT150MLX on my Rega RP8 and was not a huge fan of the combo (and I really like that cartridge). There is a chance that it was due to a break in period after retipping it, but it sounded very lean.

I know it is not much help as it is a MC cartridge, but the 103 sounds great on it. I have heard Dynavectors on Regas and really liked them as well.
Well I use the JJ electric tubes work marvels over the stock ones. though would like to try the gold lions for the preamp.