Moving from US to Singapore - help

I'm moving from USA to Singapore next year. I was going to buy a plasma TV and some home theater gear. Is there an issue of compatibility (format/voltage) if I buy in US and have shipped with my belongings? I could be wrong but prices seemed higher in Singapore. Should I only buy in Singapore/Asia?

Thanks to all who respond! Bob
IMHO,you should definitely wait and buy there. Not just because of voltage issues but also shipping a plasma over seas could prove to be an expensive mistake. Like I said, this is just my opinion.
Sell it all in the USA !! You won't miss it in Singapore.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year !!
There is a power diferance between Singapore and the US. I doubt that the US products would work. When I visited there 4 years ago I was told not to buy the local electronics because they would not work in the US. My suggestion is to purchase locally for the service.

Enjoy your time in Singapore. It is one of my favorite Asian countries. Stop in at Raffels for the curry.
Check this out:
See my previous threads on this subject. I moved from the US to Europe last year for a second overseas posting and took all my HiFi and HT gear with me. I simply used a transformer to operate the non multi-voltage (110V) equipment in Europe (220V). Worked fine for me. One of the items was a Pioneer Elite Pro-1410HD plasma monitor that accepts all TV format (PAL, NTSC, SECAM etc.) inputs. It worked fine in Europe (PAL) on a 220-110V transformer. Also worth remembering is most front projectors are multi-voltage and multi-format (I use a Sony VPL-VW50) and will work anywhere in the world. Regarding shipping a plasma TV, if it is done professionally (original packing in a custom crate) this should not be a problem. Bottom line, with the US dollar so low and prices in the States being generally low for consumer electronics, buy here and take to Singapore. I second "Dearle", Singapore is an absolutely fabulous place to work and live. And as a bonus, the Singaporeans are crazy about high-end HiFi and HT. Make sure you go to the Adelphi Center in Singapore, so many high-end used and new stores you will think you are in HiFi heaven!
Thanks guys for the advice! Mgattmch - I passed by Adelphi Center when in Singapore 2 week ago but was forbidden by "the wife" to stop in...she knows me too well. It's only a matter of time though...Thanks! Bob