Moving from ProAc's to.......

I have currently the ProAc Response D15 and have reached a stage whereby I'm looking to get more where that came (which is probably a D25 or even D38) however I've got a problem in that the ProAc dealer where I'm from no longer has any interest to sell ProAc speakers.
I am very reluctant to make a "blind" purchase without listening first to the newer Response speakers which sadly means that ProAc are out of my shortlist.

This being the case I would appreciate responses from those of you who have owned or have an intimate knowledge of ProAc speakers and found "like characteristics" speakers that I should include in my audition short list.

Obviously, I am looking for speakers that best match my Rowland Concentra II Intergrated Amp (please refer to my setup for the associated equipment).

So far I have on my shortlist the Living Voice Avatar/OBX speakers as a must audition. What else should I include.
I had the Response 4s and in the process of upgrading to Kharma 2.3...Khara has lots of models so check them out: probably the 3.2 is more like the budget u are thinking. Similiarites are the glorious mid range, only Kharma even more so and much wider soundstage
Have a look at Soliloquy. Their 6.2 resembles the Proac 2.5/1.5 but the cabinets are heavier. Or look at the Vienna Acoustics line; their cabinets are lighter. FWIW, I bought new Proac Tablette 2000 Signatures purely on spec and was not disappointed.

I'm using PROAC 2.5 with the Concentra 2 and an ARCAM fmjcd23.

I could not be happier with the sound and continue to listen to wonderful music for hours on end.

By the way before the PROACs I had Thiel 2.3 and did not like the sound at all. Way to bright.

The PROAC 2.5 are magic in this system

Exactly what does your current speaker lack that you want a new speaker to do (or do better)?
I also have 2.5's driven with Conrad Johnson amps and the sound is equally magical for me. I don't have much experience with the new Response series, but if its like the older line (2.5 vs 1.5) then the differences will be a dramatically improved bottom end (deeper, with a nice mid bass richness) and a more realistic and fuller mirange. Tonally, the 1.5 and 2.5's are similar, but the overall depth of the sound is substantially different. It would be worth finding a dealer that sells the D25 and see if the same difference exists between it and the D15's.

I've had the 2.5's for 4 years and have no plans to replace them. I love these speakers :-).
I've been using Response 1SCs and Tablette 50 Signatures for a few years and am in the middle of a deal to acquire a nice pair of 2.5s. I can't wait to receive them!
I understand your dilema but my guess is that if you like the ProAc sound, you won't be disappointed with an upgrade to a larger ProAc such as the D25 or D38. I've owned 4 pairs of ProAc speakers over the years and have found that they all share a family resemblance in sound. I recently replaced my ProAc Response 3.8s with the D80 and found the improvement to be quite dramatic and well worth the money.
Thanks for the replies, Kjg got it very right when he described the upgrade from the 1.5 to 2.5 which I'm looking for.....the deeper bottom end, fuller mid range and so on. The ProAc D25 or D38 are the obvious choice but my preference is to purchase through the dealer network locally. Budget is between USD 5-8k so the Kharma's are out.