Moving from Pass Labs Aleph 5 to Aleph 2

Hello - I am looking for feedback on improvements I might experience moving from Aleph 5 (60 watts) to Aleph 2 (100 watts mono blocks). My system consists of Camelot Uther MKIV 24/192 DAC run direct to Aleph 5 powering Audio Physic Virgo II's. I use Harmonic technology thuth link XLR, and Pro 9 speaker cable. Ideas about interconnects and speaker cable is also welcome.
The virgo's are a match made in heaven for the 2's. You will still not have world class bass though. Spikes and rear-room loading help.

Nordost quattro-fil's are the best I've used with this combination. SPM and red dawn were very good too. I thought that red dawn sounded a little better than truthlink but this is a matter of taste. Red dawn i/c's and speaker cables hit a real performace sweet spot. Try to get long i/c's and short speaker cables.

The truthlink is a bit of a coppery 'fixer' cable that removes solid state nasties and warms things up. Great cable but with pass/virgo's you don't benefit from this and you get a little syrupy slowness as compared to nordost cables. You also round off the wonderful ultra-clean airy top end of the virgo's. Additionaly midbass emphasis of the virgo can become a little overdone with forward coppery cables. A fast lean open cable sounds best to me. The pass labs/virgo combo is incredibly fast. You will hear amazing speed if you get some fast cables.

For a speaker cable Nordost SPM was far and away the best followed by red dawn, then acoustic zen satori. Openness, speed and clarity are very important with these speakers.

You might try out a preamp at some point. I know that I preferred having a preamp for it's dynamic drive. As with the cables above, it's a matter of preference.
I'd check your wall juice. These amps draw a lot of current and you want to give them as much as possible. There are folks on A'gon who can advise you better than I about dedicated lines, etc. How about it?
if 60 watts doesn't cut it then the 1.5db increase the 2's offer will not dramatically improve the sound. save your $ and enjoy the music!
I believe the only thing that the 2's will improve is slightly better control of the drivers. period.
The mono Aleph 2s will perform slightly better than the stereo Aleph 5. The increase in power will be hard to discern, but you should notice better stereo separation and somewhat more clarity as the amplifier won't have to work as hard. On the negative side, the 2s take up twice the space, you may have to rework your interconnects/cables and the 2s will definitely produce more heat as well as consume more electricity. Personally, I don't think the sonic benefits would be worth the added costs, but I could easily see where others would disagree. Best of luck.
I was using a pair of Aleph 2's, Aleph P, and some home made speakers, I know this is going to sound wackey but I switched up power cords and interconnects and I could not tell the difference between any of them, I switched between, XLO, Audioquest, Tara interconnects and Black Mamba Power Cords. What did make a difference is when I switched to XLO Type 5 speaker cables, they were the match my system needed. I thought the XLO Type 5 that were Heavy guage copper cables with Teflon were FAST and brought out an excellent bottom end. Wish I still had that system