Moving from L.A. to Sydney; The Voltage Issue

I'm moving form L.A. to Sydney, Australia where the electricity runs at 240Volts/50 Hertz.
I have a Plinius Integrated and Wadia 302 CDP that I bought here. How do I best tackle this situation?
Should I buy a voltage converter? Should I try and see if I can convert the amp and CDP to 240V?
Has anybody out there tackled this problem directly and if so what are your suggestions.
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Frequency won't be a problem. For voltage the best answer is to convert the units to 240 volts - some equipment allows this by altering some internal jumpers in the power supply. Second choice is to use a step down transformer. Add up the total power used by the Plinius and the Wadia and buy one rated at least 50% higher.
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How do I find out if either the plinius or the Wadia is capable of this.
Should I contact the companies directly or will they be hesitant to give out that sort of info?

Contact the manufacturer's service departments. They'll answer the question.
Plinius will certainly be able to change the psu to 240V for you. I would think Wadia should be able to do the same.

As Plinius is a New Zealand company, you will be better off to wait till you get to Australia before doing anything. Plinius will most likely put you in touch with an Australian service agent who will do it for you. Save yourself the shipping charges, trust me, They're heft. Not to mention cutoms issues, potentail shipping damage, etc!

I am 99% certain the same will hold true for Wadia as I know they have distributors in Australia.

Seen anything on the news about the fires in Sydney? Suggest you check the Australian news.
Thanks for your views. I shall call Plinius and Wadia and see what they have to say. I've come to the conclusion that it's probably better for me to change to 240V.
Saw the fires. They're not in Sydney per se. Though there was a bloody big punch-up by the beach ;-)

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