moving from house to an apartment.. goodbye 802D's

My beloved B&W 802D's with their down firing bass ports would probably drive the neighbors crazy.
I am considering moving to a pair of Revel Performa 126Be bookshelf speakers and using a Velodyne DD-15 raised off the floor.  Anybody have any experience with both the 802D's and the Revel Performa 126Be speakers?
IF you need to downsize - then downsize. That’s what the 805s are for. They are not lacking in bass but a sub would duplicate your 802 experience. Maybe the platforms underneath the 802 will get the job done. Maybe not. If the latter or you don’t want to experiment to find out, just follow the path B&W has laid out for you so clearly. The dirty little secret as well is the butyl rubber surround on the 805 cancels breakup distortion even better than the other D3 models. The ball's in your court.
Pull the band-aid off quick!  The best thing for you to do is simply tell me where you live and when you will be away, and I will quietly sweep them away for you.  It's the only way to reduce your suffering.   
No payment would be necessary... I would do this for free as a caring fellow audiophile.