Moving from Carpet to Hardwood floors...need help

Next month I am moving and the new room will have hardwood floors. My speakers greatly benefit from using their spikes to couple to the floor...any suggestions how to couple to the hardwood floor without spiking into the wood? My two thoughts are to use either brass disks underneith the spikes (or similar) or to head in the direction of Blue Tac without the spikes.

Spiking into the floor will not be an option!

Thanks in advance
Things like this are commonly available from your favourite store. These ones are from Audio Advisor:

I use these under my speakers on the hardwood floor, although a different brand. You can also use coins. However, with a coin it's easy to bump the speaker off the coin, when you vacuum for instance.
I really like my soundanchor cone coasters. They have a pad on the bottom that allows you to slide the speakers into just the right position but not without some effort. My big clumsy brother inlaw backed into the side of my speaker once and instead of falling over it just slid some. Boy was I glad about that!
Here's another vote for the Sound Anchor Cone Coasters. In addition to the convenience factor that Geared4me mentioned, you will also find that they will tighten up the bass response of your system to the extent you are running full range speakers in a room with a suspended wood floor.
Another excellent product are Superspikes. Yuo can see them on this page:

With this product, the spikes and dish are integrated into a single unit. You substitute it for the spikes presently on your speaker, if the spike shank is compatible. You don't have to worry about bumping the speaker off the spike and it makes fine tuning the position of the speaker a lot easier. They will put a notch in the center of each pod for the spikes to sit in. These are really good for this application.
... or decouple with Herbie's Big Fat Dots. I use, and am happy with the brass dBNeutralizer domes for my 80 pound speakers.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions...I really appreciate it! Moving my system is both exciting and scary since I like my sound right now...I look forward to experimenting with your direction.

Let me start by saying I'm cheap. So when I needed to move a pair of Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rods on to a hardwood floor I went to Lowes and bought eight hex bolts with the same thread as my spikes. It looked as though the bolt heads were going to scratch the floor so I attached some pads to the hex heads. Performed very well for $5 or $6.
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