Moving from AP Oval 9s to ...? Kharma-Aloia

Some time ago I changed over from bi-amping to a single amp due to newly acquired Kharma 1.0 speakers. The twin amps I used were Aloia 13.01s. The 13.01s are gone and now a single Aloia 15.01 drives the Kharmas. Ilike the match very much.

Now I have the opportunity to shorten the speaker cables to 6 ft (maybe less if this REALLY would make a difference) and upgrade after selling two pairs of AP Oval 9.

I like the APs so Oval 8 Solo Crystal seems to be a good choice but the field is wide open to me. I wll be shopping pre-owned only and need to avoid cables that roll-off the sound as the system is pretty smooth and I don't want to dull it out with a cable change.

What do you all think?
I've just recently upgraded my wires. I also have the Kharma 1.0 loudspeakers,which I love very much. I am using short i/cs ( 1/2 meter and 1 meter ) and a 3'sp.cable. Within the past week I have placed on a new set of Ridge Street Audio "Poiema" series cables. Before you agree to any other cable you owe it to yourself to try the Poimea cables. They are that good ! Good luck with you choice whatever it may be...
I have the Kharma 3.2 Enigmas and have had many speaker cables to try. By far the best I have used, regardless of price, are the Jena Labs Symphony speaker cables.

They bettered the Nordost Valhalla, Transparent Reference XL & Opus, Purist Audio Dominus, Synergistic, Kharma and Siltech.

Try to listen to as many as you can.
The Oval 8s are a very different wire than the 9s. They are faster, quieter and more revealing. They do everything the 9s do plus more. Instrument placement is exact, which is the first and most noticed difference. There is more air and a more natural sound. They are still cheaper than the competitors, so do not let price be a selection criteria. You will have to spend 2K to significantly better them.
Heard some new cables from Kubala-Sosna ( at Audio Connection in Verona NJ ... you may want to look into them. Good Listening!