Moving-Coil Step-Up Transformer SUT

Is anyone here using an MC SUT?

If so, which one are you using and what MC cart/MM phono stage combo are you using it with?
I'm using a Denon AU-300LC for my Zu Audio/Denon 103. Works fantastic into a Juicy Music Tercel II tubed phono stage.
Mine is a Dynavector 20X2L into a Bob's devices with Cinemag 1131 blue trannies driving a Transcendent Sound Phono Preamp which is tube based.
I'm running an EMT Tsd-15, in to an A23 Homage T2. Jjrenman, How do you like the 20X2L/1131 combo. I have the same cart, and have been thinking about a Bob's. Is your winding 1:10/1:20 or 1:20/1:40? Which setting do you prefer of those?
Fjn04, I'm very impressed with Bob's 1131 SUT. IMO, it does not have the veiling (or smearing) of low level detail that a lot of lesser SUT's are prone to. Mine is a 1:10/1:20 (using the 1:10 position) but I had to change the input resistor on my MM tube phono stage to get the reflected impedance down to the 30 ohms that worked best in my system.

If you have a 47k input and can not change the resistance than the 1:30 SKY model may be a better match if the extra gain is not an issue for you. FWIU, the 1131 set to 1:40 may be to much gain especially if your phono pre is SS.

I assume the 20X2L is for a secondary system?