Moving-Coil Step-Up Transformer SUT

Is anyone here using an MC SUT?

If so, which one are you using and what MC cart/MM phono stage combo are you using it with?
I'm using a Denon AU-300LC for my Zu Audio/Denon 103. Works fantastic into a Juicy Music Tercel II tubed phono stage.
Mine is a Dynavector 20X2L into a Bob's devices with Cinemag 1131 blue trannies driving a Transcendent Sound Phono Preamp which is tube based.
I'm running an EMT Tsd-15, in to an A23 Homage T2. Jjrenman, How do you like the 20X2L/1131 combo. I have the same cart, and have been thinking about a Bob's. Is your winding 1:10/1:20 or 1:20/1:40? Which setting do you prefer of those?
Fjn04, I'm very impressed with Bob's 1131 SUT. IMO, it does not have the veiling (or smearing) of low level detail that a lot of lesser SUT's are prone to. Mine is a 1:10/1:20 (using the 1:10 position) but I had to change the input resistor on my MM tube phono stage to get the reflected impedance down to the 30 ohms that worked best in my system.

If you have a 47k input and can not change the resistance than the 1:30 SKY model may be a better match if the extra gain is not an issue for you. FWIU, the 1131 set to 1:40 may be to much gain especially if your phono pre is SS.

I assume the 20X2L is for a secondary system?
Jjrenman- Thanks, and yes the DV is in my secondary system. I am running it in to a Heed Quasar, with very good results. Perhaps the Quasar is not ideal with a Very LOMC, but it's an excellent value. Liking the 20X and Quasar as I do, my thought is why not try an SUT. The Quasars Load options according to my dealer are 100, 470, or 1000. That's if my memory serves anyway. I looked it up online to confirm, and apparently the specs are a secret. (-: Cheers-Don
I have 2. One built into my Nagra VPS (and it's wound by Nagra) and EAR MC4. Both are darn nice...The Nagra is more linear, the EAR sounds more pleasing. The Nagra I tend to use with my Lyra Atlas, the EAR with my Allaerts MC2 Finish...
Dear Agiaccio: I own several SUTs my advise is that find out a Denon AU-340 ( second hand, low price. ) a great SUT where you need to rewire internally for it can shows that greatness. IMHO not only at the level of today top SUTs but even can outperform some of them.

It's user friendly and you can choose between different gain and impedance and can connect two different cartridges and choose in between to playback. Those cartridges can be either MM/MI or LOMC ones.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Dear Jfrech: You own two top top LOMC cartridges that maybe could takes benefit of a Modified Denon AU-340. You can try and decide if really you get an improvement, I know you will but you are the best judge in your audio system.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Dear friends: Any one of you that could be interested here can read the Denon AU-340 specifications, look at that frequency response figure and ask your self if the SUT you own is near that spec or over it:

Regards and enjoy the music,
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Rauliruegas,what do you mean by "a great SUT where you need to rewire internally" for the Denon AU-340 SUT?
Dear Agiaccio: The AU-340 is a vintage/out of production design not today design so it needs some kind of " refresh " to stay competitive at the very top of the ladder quality performance.

Btw, if any one of you are i9nterest in the AU-340 mods please email me. You can choose between 3 different up grade stages. The mods are not big deal, any one can do it and the rewards are just non-imaginable.

regrads and enjoy the music,
Hey Raul, I used to own a Denon AU-340 for years and years. I had it rewired with Randall Research is pretty good...I have to agree with you...
I am using a Ypsilon MC-16. It has wonderful transparency and is very quiet. The shielding is better than any SUT I have seen. Like all things Ypsilon;stupid expensive.

Shelter 901 to Bent Audio MU to ARC PH3 SE.

Graham Slee Elevator SUT with my Graham Slee Reflex phono preamp for Titan-i cartridge. Works beautifully.
A friend let me hear the MY Sonic transformer and it is tremendous, I heard it into the Ypsilon phono.
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Yes that is technically correct Viridian.

The Graham Slee Elevator 'steps-up' the output of Moving Coil (MC) cartridges and provides settings for loading and impedance to ensure optimal matching. Designed for MC cartridges with outputs at or below 1.0mV, the Elevator brings the output of virtually any MC cartridge up to the equivalent of a MM cartridge and so it can be used with any Moving Magnet (MM) Phono Preamp, like Graham Slee's own MM-Only phono preamps!

When compared to a MM cartridge, most MC cartridges have very low output. The output of MM cartridges is generally measured in terms of millivolts (mV), with an average output of around 4.0mV. MC cartridges on the other hand are measured in fractions of a mV, with outputs varying widely, but many MC cartridges are around 0.5mV and some of the lowest down to below 0.2mV! With outputs that can be an order of magnitude lower than a MM cartridge, enormous amounts of gain must be applied to the output of a MC cartridge to bring it up to an acceptable volume. Because it is expensive to engineer a high-gain, low noise amplifier, the MC section in many phono preamps is given short shrift and starved in terms of both adequate power and also parts quality. This is part of the reason why Graham Slee phono preamps are so extraordinary at their price, since they don't have the added expense or noise of a built-in MC section they can outperform many pre-amps, even some twice their price. However, what do you do if you want to use an MC cartridge?

This is where the Graham Slee Elevator comes in. A very-low noise amplifier, the Elevator boosts the incoming signal by 22.5dB transforming even the most modest MM phono stage into a very respectable MC phono preamp. With an extraordinarily low input noise floor of -130dB and distortion less than 0.01%, the Elevator is quieter than virtually any component it will be used with!

The Elevator is quite different from other step-up designs on the market. Most step-up designs use a transformer to boost the signal, which would seem logical. Put one voltage in on one side of a transformer and another voltage comes out the other. Simple, effective and the manufacturer can choose whatever output gain they want, by simply having the transformers made to their specifications. Although this may sound like a perfect solution, transformers can affect the music in unforeseen ways. A transformer is simply wire coiled around a core, so the delicate low-level audio signals must travel through long runs of wire on both sides of the transformer before conversion. This process can expose the signal to RF interference and even hum from external sources, which means extra noise. A transformer can also introduce phase errors and hysteresis which will result in loss of resolution and soundstage size. Finally, transformers are not flexible when it comes to correct cartridge loading offering only limited compatibility with phono preamps.

The Elevator is NOT an MC transformer, it's actually closer in design to an audio amplifier. Using ultra-high bandwidth video amplifiers (yes, video!) to boost the incoming signals, the Elevator gives music the appropriate power, definition and transparency, while offering the flexibility to adjust loading specifically for your cartridge. Exceptionally built, the Elevator features premium audiophile grade parts and connectors.
Bobs cinemag sky with Ortofon Anna into mm input on my Zesto phono stage
Denon AU 320 SUT, ZU/Denon DL103mc into my Audible Illusions Modulus 3B tube preamp.
IFi Phono, ATOC9ML/II,into aCinmag 3440 Stepup sounding quite nice!!
Hi all does any one know of any mods for the Denon AU-320 step up mc transformer.