moving coil output voltage for cary slp-98

Hi every one I am currently getting ready to purchase a rega rp8 with the Apheta 2 moving coil cartridge. I have a cary cad 120s not mk2 and a slp-98p with a moving magnet phono section. But I have talked to cary about having it changed into the moving coil version. But before I want to send it to North Carolina. Dose anyone own a slp-98p with a moving coil version, and what is the output voltage by chance? I think the Apheta 2 is 0.3-0.5 mV, so any one running a cartridge with the same voltage. And would this be a good match?

Let me know your thoughts or experiences thanx!
You need 1.4 mV to run a MC cart. You can try it first then have the pre modified if you need.
If you get the Lundahl step-up transformers installed, it boost the gain up 55db and sets the loading to 100ohms. Couple this to the line stage's 20db gain, the MC section can now handle most MC cartridge with an output between 0.03mV to 1.0mV.
I have owned a Cary SLP-98P with MC phono stage and it had plenty of gain for my Dynavector XX-2 mkII cartridge's 0.28 mV output.

As Brf correctly notes, the 20dB step up transformers bring the Cary's gain to 55 dB, which adding the 20dB in the line stage gives you 75 dB of gain, plenty for just about any cartridge.