Moving Classic 1 to Europe?

Thinking about moving a (standard 110V/60 Hertz) Classic 1 to Europe with me, into 220V, 50 Hertz-territory. Would it work there using a (European) VPI ADS or a Heed Orbit? Or would the Hertz get in the way?
Thanks for any thoughts you may have.
a proper voltage converter with enough watts (get more than needed)

I just got one to convert Japan 100v to USA 120v. Not a speck of hum. Make sure you can return it, just in case it hums.
Assuming you have the Classic 1 with the 120V synchronous motor, a VPI SDS power supply works with all voltages. The Classic 1 SE uses 24V DC ADS.
Thanks for your comments! @noromance I am glad that the SDS (or the ADS?) would work. @elliottbenewcombjr, interesting that a voltage converter would work, but I suppose in your case Hertz is the same?
Research it. The ADS is DC for newer motor. SDS is frequency based for AC synchronous motor. 
All VPI belt drive TTs use an AC motor.  The ADS can run on 230 volts DC but needs to be set to do that at the factory (though if you have one and you're electrically handy perhaps they can guide you through it).  It puts out AC voltage, either 120 or 230V as set at factory.

So you would seem to have three choices.  1. Buy a 230V 50Hz motor from VPI and install it in your motor base, or 2. Buy an ADS configured to your needs, or 3. Find a used SDS which will work on either 120 or 230 V and put out the 120V 50Hz that you need.
Thanks for your comments!
@melm, the three options make sense, thanks for this. My (US) Classic runs on 60Hz, right? But the 3 solutions would still work since all three output 120V, 60Hz, I suppose. (If it were 50Hz, a European Heed Orbit would also work I guess.) I am now looking at finding an SDS.