Moving along...From KingSound to STAX - Please your help !

Please I need HELP ! to take a decision.

I did enquire a bit more about older equipments like the STAX T1 and... as was maintenance whatsoever. And I live in STAX spare parts or knowledgeable STAX technicians. So I will stick to new equipment.

The summary of the situation is:

I have the King Sound KS-04 Headphones and portable M3 amp. Very neutral, not bright, quite laid back and only low volume.

I would like a relatively Bright and very Detailed sound as a complement to my King Sound arrangement.

I have been looking into the STAX -L500, L-700 0r SR-007A. Which of these would best fill my needs ?

On the Amp side I understand that the KS M3 can manage the STAX Headphones - ...any good ?

What would be the best amp for the recommended Headphones - SRM 353x or another ?

Or should I just decide for the SRS - 5100 combo ?

Your recommendations will be much appreciated. Many thanks for your help !

Best regards,


OP you might try posting this over at should be several Stax users there that can help..Good luck...
Dear Freediver, thank you very much for the suggestion.Best