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Have you ever seen the movie where high end audio gear was displayed or played?
I've seen recently the movie not from the beginning where the student was bringing Martin Logan SL3 into the dorm room.:)
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I can't remember the tv series, but i specifically remember one where someone owned large e-stat's. Later in the show ( several episodes or even the next season ), they had a pair of Cerwin-Vega's !!!! From one extreme, to the other... Sean
The movies-
"As good as it Gets" in the main charachters apartment, Mac. gear
-"The Skulls" in the charachter Caleb Mandrakes dorm room he has Marin Logans with what appears to be a Loewe Aconda television
-"What Women Want" Mel Gibsons Apartment Revel, krell(maybe?) and a plasma screen very visible but there are two of everything for the electronic gear(probably to look better)
and I have been told the show "Friends"(still haven't seen it) the male charachters have Martin Logans in there apartment, but I dunno bout that for sure.
Not a movie, but I'm pretty sure I saw a pair of Red Rose speakers (surprise) on Levinson's wife's show (Sex and the City).

Tim is right. Older Friends shows had Martin-Logans displayed ( smallers ones-Aerius's) . Lately they have B&W leisure monitors, stuck in corners of the wall unit in Joey Triviani's "family room".
Martin Logans in the Dorm room in the movie "loser" Clearaudio turntable in "Tomb Raider"
I grinned when B&W was mentioned in 'Traffic'. All the drug runners wanted was good hi-fi. Why can't the DEA understand that? BTW, a McIntosh int. and the Basis 1400 were depicted in Playboy in a return to analog blurb.
Laura Croft; Is that the Clearaudio Ref. table?? Funny how you don't usually see complete systems. Some times just speakers; sometimes just gear. In "L C"-- Didn't see speakers.
in ''indecent proposal'', robert redford has a high-end looking turntable....? oracle?. the rest of the system looks pretty impressive too.
No idea what gear was being used or if it was ever shown, but the scene in Boogie Nights where they go to the drug dealer's house to rip him off - the guy has music cranked up in a heckuva nice place, and it really grabbed my attention. Made me wonder why everyone wouldn't want that in their house. -Kirk
Kthomas-they where jamming out to "My awesome mix tape #4" very cool scene, minus the 2 minute time period when it was just good old Marky Mark sitting there looking dumb. Speaking of Boogie Nights, who can forget Buck selling the audio gear, "cause if you want a system to do what you want, then yea you need the bass. And we do that here in the store the TK-421 upgrade, very small charge, do you feel that bass, it kicks" anyone who has that movie should watch that scene, very funny :)
Indecent Proposal--that was VPI,TNT
Hi-Fedelity with John Cusak...not sure what he had but I seen NAD on the CD player and I believe he had a Marantz 8b...not sure but he had a lot of classic equiptment in his house
In the movie "What woman want", I remember seeing a system with Mark Levinson equipment and Revel speakers. If I remember correctly, Frank Sinatra was being played....gota love Frank!
"The Conversation". Starring Gene Hackman (1974).
Chapter 12, 1hr 46m into it, he has a reel to reel, integrated tube amp, and turntable.
No idea what they might be.
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In the x show simular to the man show they had B&W nautilus 802's
In the last episode of 'The Sopranos,' Anthony Jr's new girlfriend had a Sota turntable in her house. (And a mint copy of 'Rubber Soul'.) Unfortunately, couldn't see the rest of the system.
In Philadelphia, Tom Hanks had a Sonic Frontiers amp, EAD cd player and I forget the electrostatic speakers.

In an old Twilight Zone, Dom Delouise (I believe) had a McIntosh tube stack.

Isn't it funny how us audiophiles will try our hardest to find out what gear they have in the movies or tv. In my own home movies when my daughter was an infant, I'd pan around the room only to stop and do a long close up on my own audio system.
Gregory House did a little showcasing for Thor apparently. I obviously missed some episodes.
The Departed....McIntosh gear.
"Flushed Away", really nice cartoon system, but it sounded a little 2 dimentional. heh heh
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In The Conversation, Gene Hackman had a mono tube amp with a horn mono speaker, was a long time ago since I saw it.

Just saw Copland the other night and it looked like a Thorens TD125 that Stallone was playing an album on
Marvels 'Daredevil' season one, showcases B&W 800 series in Wilson Fisk's Penthouse Suite surrounded by glass.

'The Dark Knight' showcases Bang & Olufsen when the Joker televises his precursor to one of his murder victims.

@lou_setriodes, The Conversation is a great movie, my favorite Coppola. Gene Hackman is particularly good in the role of a character of very little outward expressions. An "internal" character, hard to pull off. Hackman is also convincing at pretending to play sax, not over-"emoting", as so many actors do.
patrick's apartment in american psycho had some beautiful gear--duntech speakers maybe?
On Frasier he always talked about his stuff but I'm not sure they ever showed anyting......or was there a Bose Wave radio in one? ;-)
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