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ok here is my situation i am a two channel listener and will continue in two ch. since a couple of things are happening....i am on a fixed every penny spent has to be closely monitored. in saying that... i own a sony 32 in wega ..use direct wife wants to what more movies and i am in agreement but i want to know the best for the money, inexpensive way to get a move experience . i know i can go to best buys and get a sony two hundred a fifty dollars player and five speakers and i can do that, but i do own a pioneer elite dvd what do i do , i know you gonners have a solution for me..thanks dwhitt
ok i get it you goners aren't what i thought you were, after being a goner for several years, i am truly takers...not enought money, i understand, it goes along with the audio mentality...i have been there...take care.....
dwitt- Let us know what your budget is. Its hard to say without knowing that. You already have the tv/dvd part covered. Give us more info.
Have you considered headphones and a headphone amp? I watch all my movies using "cans"!
Get yourself a panasonic sa-xr55 digital receiver. It has a clean sounding 100 watts x 7 channels and it will do everything you would want it to. It has gotten great reviews by owners.
You can buy one at Amazon for $229.00 shipped. If you are going to be using the speakers you already have, try to find a center channel speaker from the same company so you have matching sound across the front. Look for a subwoofer from the company Hsu. There are a few on this sight right now for a decent price. That is a start anyways.
You will find alot more info on home theater on Good luck

It is New Years Day, most of us are just getting over our hangovers.

Krelldogg is right, a budget would be best to know in advance. For movies I think the older Krell like the Fortes are great for movies and can be had for $350 to $450 a pair.

If your using a 32" TV then a center is not necessary. It is said that the center is the most important speaker in a HT but that is only because it anchors the dialog to the screen. If you have a really big screen then it matters but 32" would be fine without one. You could use your 2 channel speakers for the front and just add surrounds and a good receiver.

If you would like to keep the systems seperate I would say a used Denon receiver, HSU or SVS sub and say some Klipsch Forte Speakers and some Klipschs surrounds. With some luck you should be able to put together a good used system for under $1,000.

My brother has the above system and it sounds very good so I speak from experience.

Good luck.

So, what are you looking for and how much do you want to spend? Are you looking for a separate movie system or do you want to supplement your existing 2 channel system? What is the size of the room that you will be putting this system in? Any other preferences; must haves; won't tolerates; etc.?

Regards, Rich
thanks sorry about the response i had a bad night and didn't respond very well to not receiving anything for a while......great thanks the pansonic rec. sound s good the movie system is going to be seperate because i am a two ch. guy and wouldn't mess up my tubes and vandy's for nothing....
I second the fact that you probably don't need a center channel. Look for a used or old stock 5.1 receiver (Marantz, Denon or Sony) and a decent subwoofer. I don't know what your current room is like and how you would wire the back speakers but one solution is to do in ceiling speakers. Cambridge Soundworks sells their B-Stock speakers on ebay at a very reasonable price w full warranty's. I don't recommend them for the front speakers but for surround and in wall I think they're a good value.
If you want to go really cheap, just get a 2 channel receiver, 2 front speakers and a sub and you'll be 80% there.
If you want to really get a movie experience, take a look into a projector. You can start by shining it on a wall, then graduate to a screen. Nevertheless, there are good projectors that can be had for reasonable money. Your pioneer elite will get the job done well too.

I'll also post on your other thread about the remote.