Moved to Houston, seeking new audio friends here.

I just moved to Houston, TX, and I am seeking audio friends here. I have not posted on Audiogon in a while, but I have been a member of the Audiogon community for over 10 years.

Please drop me a line (or post) if you are interested in getting together and listening to some excellent music.


Keith Forrest
Good to see you back to Audiogon Keith!!..and welcome back.

hey Keith,

while I don't live in Houston, I visit quite often as my dad lives near downtown. I might be around your area in August or so. would be great to meet if our schedules are open. Welcome back to Audiogon!

Try posting on the Houston Club forum.

It didn't look like there was much recent activity, but it's worth a shot.

BTW, We have a local Cincinnati Club forum and it has been a wealth of information for me and has lead me to meeting some outstanding local audiophiles and music lovers.


Yeah, I looked at the Houston club forums, and I will post there. I saw there was not much activity, so I thought to try this first.


What is your system?

Marcus McHugh
My system:
Computer music server that I built with uncompressed music files. This runs via USB out via Empirical Audio's Off Ramp Turbo 2 into a MSB Platinum III DAC/digital preamp into Gilmore Audio Raptor Class D amps into Gilmore Audio Model 2 speakers. All my cables are Silver Audio. I have some Xindak power cords.

My new listening room is way better than any I have ever had. My amps are actually in the shop for upgrades, and I am running my system with a 10 year old Sony 5 channel amp and low cost IC's. And my system sounds better than it has ever sounded. I get my amps back this week, so that will change, heh heh.