Move to tubes: Ayon Crossfire or Triton, various

I am contemplating a move to tubes from a solid state platform that I've loved for years with an Esoteric C-03 pre-amp and Edge NL 12.1 Stereo Amp driving Legacy AERIS speakers. See my system thread for details on the rest of the rig including interconnects, speaker cables and power conditioning/cords. Through a lot of conversations and admittedly, after reading alot of "Bugatti of Audio,..." type reviews on Ayon tube integrated and stereo tube amps, it seems that if I was aiming high (but within realm of possibility of me), my choices would be down to the Crossfire III or III PA and Triton III or III PA running in triode mode most of the time.

The C-03 and NL12.1 deliver performance, impact, dynamics, subtlety, musicality and imaging across the entire listening spectrum and frequency range based upon multiple years of owning them. They do many things that fit my personal prefs but I have heard many desirable things from moderate->expensive tube gear that I would like that much more of.

I'd be interested in feedback from people who have heard both the integrated and pure stereo versions of these products; given I love what the C-03 does for me as a pre-amp and MAY keep it in the chain, would you suggest;

- Crossfire or Triton as a baseline choice (and then III or III PA version each)?
- keep the Esoteric C-03 pre-amp and use the Ayon as pure stereo
- abandon the C-03 pre-amp as well as NL12.1 stereo SS Amp and go with an integrated amp version of the Crossfire III or Triton III?
- other Ayon offerings (Titan not reachable); see note on power reserves below....
- move up to the C-02 Master Soundworks new pre-amp from Esoteric and look at these or other pure stereo tube amps?

***I need XLR inputs....that culls out many tube amp offerings from what I have found....

Any other choices out there in the Ayon line or others I should be considering? The Legacy AERIS are incredibly efficient (96db or better) and are optimal 4-ohm loads, BUT I want power in reserve to serve dynamically challenging passages. I note that one of these Ayon models go to 35Khz, the other to 60Khz; which would you recommend based upon performance over the entire listening spectrum?

Thanks in advance, I know this will require some time to respond to; definitely appreciate the help and guidance!!!
I would think long and hard before buying an Ayon product. I have read a good number of complaints about product failure as well as unresponsive service.
I'm using Manley 250 with the XLR input. Plenty of power for my 93db Tannoy. This is my second Manley gear. Sweet midrange magic in triode mode plus they have excellent customer service. Perhaps consider Manley Labs?
"01-25-15: Roxy54
I would think long and hard before buying an Ayon product. I have read a good number of complaints about product failure as well as unresponsive service."

I agree.
+1 Roxy54. Past threads concerning Ayon products and service don't
inspire confidence. I do encourage your desire to try a high quality tube
amplifier. With good research you'll find what you want.
Thank you'd never glean the quality issues mention from any of the reviews of their products. I wonder if they've made strides toward improvement as they certainly seem to garner alot of praise when their amps are functioning from what I've read, which is by no means exhaustive.

Charles: You have quite the collection of tube gear; of all your amps present and recent, which are your favorites and how frequently do you swap in/out and for what reasons? Thank you!

All: I was looking at the Ayon's beyond the review in part due to their power ratings as I need reserves for dynamic passages in many styles of music I listen to and if moving from SS to tubes, I don't want to sacrifice that capability. I've heard some good sounding tube gear at friends' houses and at shows. Some of the best sounding tube gear I have heard has lower power ratings and has 'a wall...' when it comes to handling some of the big material at reasonable, but normal listening levels.

Beyond power though, everything else is still important to me to maintain with the added benefit of tube-related sound attributes....

Apologies for the "tube newbee" questions but we all have to start new sometime! Thank you all!
Check out Octave. Very musical and built like a tank.
I just remembered something about Ayon. I heard negative comments, as well, but I think it was in reference to one of their dealers, not so much Ayon. The Cable Company sells Ayon. They're extremely reputable. I've been doing business with them since the early 90's, so I know them very well. If you call them, they should have demo units of Ayon products to send you for an in home demo. And if you don't like Ayon, they probably have other options for you to try as well.
I am quite experienced with Ayon products and can add this --- they sound very, very good. Yes, like most all tube products (especially the power amps) there are reliability issues. The main issue is the service at the one dealer (not The Cable Company) which is beyond horrible. But the products themselves are rather amazing.
I recommend the Exemplar Audio Exception integrated. Simply beautiful sounding. Very MUSICAL. I would give this a look.

I owned Ayon gear and did have issues with the Triton. When you say something they lash back like you were exaggerating the issue. The Ayon gear did sound good but not as good as they market it to be.

In addition, Ayon has raised their prices tremendously and will bring out another version in little or no time which devalues your investment.
The Cable Company does have a very solid reputation. An Ayon amplifier loaner from them is likely the best route to take.