Move from Benz H20 to Denon DL301

I have happily been using a Benz H20 for the last 10 years into a number of different phono preamps (Air Tight ATC-1 preamp, Benz Lucaschek PP1). I somewhat recently acquired a tube phono pre which was built by Tom Tutay of Transition Audio Design. Tom indicated his phono stage has 58.5db of gain that is not switchable and so I really need to switch to a low output MC (.25 to .5 mV). He highly recommends the Denon DL301 II as it offers excellent performance with his phono and is very reasonably priced. Similar in characteristic to the Denon 103D he also has (but no longer available).

The reason for my post is I am trying to get some sense of the type of change moving to the Denon will make. I have a Graham 2.0 on a Basis 2001. The Denon is pretty reasonably priced and would seem like a low risk move. Is anyone familiar with these two cartridges that might offer their opinion?

The rest of my system is Air Tight ATC-2 Pre, McIntosh MC402 amp or Viva Aurora Monos amps driving Green Mountain Continuum 3s. Thanks for your insights
I purchased a low output cartridge to "match" a phono pre I had recently purchased that was designed for low output (.3mV or lower) cartridges. The cartridge was highly recommended by other owners of the same preamp. I owned a Benz Micro Ace at the time and loved it.

Bottom line, I hated the "matching" cart, and it cost three times what the Benz cost. Eventually, I sold the preamp, and I was stuck with a cartridge that I really disliked compared to the Benz.

The lesson I learned was to never buy a cart specifically to match a phono pre...especially if you can't hear the combination before you buy. There are too many options for carts and phono preamps to be boxed into a corner, and buying a cartridge unheard is a real crapshoot.


What's wrong with a low output Benz cart...since you like your Benz H20?
Zu Audio modifies the Denon cartridge and it gets great reveiws. Check out the website or call them.
I am also considering a Benz L2 or maybe Reference. I have not had many other cartidges in my system so I lack that experience to base any judgements about whether I would like another cartidge.
I lack that experience to base any judgements about whether I would like another cartidge.
Tellefsen (Answers)
Exactly why I recommend against buying another brand of cartridge unless you hear it first (or buy it used at a very good price and in excellent condition).
You must know that the Ace comes in 3 colors and corresponding outputs. If you like the Ace call Musical Surroundings (the importer) and see if you can trade or change to an even higher quality cartridge. They have a very liberal trade up/exchange policy.
LOL, I own a Denon 103D, as well as a 301 and they are as different as fish and fowl. Buy that guy a hearing aid.