Move from Analog to a Digital System

Up until recently my system consisted of : Krell 350 MCX’s; KCT; Accuphase T109V; DP77 and B&W 802D’s. Following a move to a smaller home and selling all but my Accuphase: cables and IC’s, I purchased a pair of M22’s in prep. For downsize. I am thinking about going Digital. Can anyone help me learn the basics?

Sony just released a new line. high-resolution hardware

HAP-Z1ES music server

TA-A1ES integrated amp

SS-AH3 HES Speaker

I believe I get the Music Server, then the Int. Amp., and then the Speakers. Sony Server has radio built-in ( do they all), what about a conversion from digital to analog how does that fit in?
I realize there is much to learn. All I am working with at this time is windows 7 laptop; Android G3 phone+ wireless router.
This thread of mine carries little direction regarding inquries made. This is due to the lack of knowledge on the subject. Address only relevent questions. Thank You

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