mouse isolation tweak???????

Have been curious about trying this...has anyone gained an advantage with using mouse pads? thanks Chad
I've been thinking of building my own rack and because of space limitations have been considering the same thing. I'm thinking of placing my DAC on top of my transport and putting a black mousepad between them. My reason is more for protecting the top surface of the transport, but I also wondered about isolation effects.
now that youve let the cat out of the bag, look for the $200 dollar audio pad soon.

Now instead of listening to my power cord, cables or fuses, I can listen to my mousepad.
Have one under the motor of my Scoutmaster. Can't say for sure its a huge difference but at least I'm trying.
Ditto as tt motor isolation base.
Don't forget to try the gel wrist pads. Or the long narrow gel wrist pads used near keyboards. Great under center channel or TV's.
This Genko acrylic boards with divits for lacrosse balls (don't make you won our $400 is work extenive research we spent comparing different lacrosse balls.Geesh!) I think is beind Brightstar which I neve really liked because balancing heavy tables on innmer tubes can be a bitch.But for what they charge and with Harvey Wisefelf givingn great review (he's been gioving a lot reviews or oppinions lately-not Cayin amps which may in fact he really good for the money) but think Mr.Vu should come up with a split deck for motors or you have to pick low hight way (maybe these mouse pads which I can't think have enough density to do much) to seperate motor.So what's to do/zIf sold on Fremmers acceleromter readings of Gingko ( not quite as good as Vibraplane but defintelky a vibe killer know should we use three nmini balls and maybe a Black diamonmd under motor.(This could be worth it when you've plonked down $7K on a table/cart or more thinking of my VPI).But with Brightsar they had a split "plinth" or vibe killing sand box and think Gingko should make a platform to seperate motor from rest of deck.BTW Ginglo on other hand has $2500 tube on top of tube isobarick with 3 (count 'em drivers in the mid bass tube with tweeter on top.Given success of previous isobaric designs it maybe a winner.
Sorry about typos above-I do speake enrish but on the fly.
I use one to keep my remote from scratching up the coffee table. My rug cleaner gave me one that looks like a Persian carpet.
Wait till they melt to your gear.....

Also, it should be really good for the equipment to hold in extra heat!
Just for the record I was talking about cutting them into small peices for under the feet of gear.
i went to the dollar store and found those gel type heel pads cheap... out of curiosity i bought enough to stack four high {12} to be used on a three point plane under my cdp and low and behold my jaw hit the freeking floor...still in use two years later ..highly recommend for a cheap tweak.. the material{gel} works nicely in the horizonal and vertical plane of movement.. it almost seems the cdp floats...
Actually, the way I intended to use a mousepad might result in exactly the scenario Elevick warns against, heheh. Thanks for reality check!