Mounting specs for Sumiko SHO

I have a Sumiko SHO that has been in storage for a few years that I am mounting on a VPI TNT Jr. turntable with an SME V arm. Unfortunately I have lost the product manual for the Sumiko and can't remember the recommeded tracking force and anti skate settings. I called Sumiko and they don't have the information anymore in its archives. Does anyone have the relevant mounting specs they could share? Thanks.
According to the Cartridge Database:

1.9-2.2 grams of VTF. Usually, antiskate is set to the same, but there isn't a set universal rule for this. Most set by ear and/or eye.
Thanks I ran accross a listing that stated 1.9 to 2.2 grams on another web site. I've also noticed that Sumiko now states for its current cartridges to set anti skate to 2/3 of the VTF.