Mounting near field monitors above 3 computer monitors

Anyone know of someone who makes a mounting solution where you can mount speakers above and angled down 3 computer monitors? Either desk clamp or wall mount? I just can't find anything like this.
It's brutal. There isn't much out there. My son has 3 monitors and some Audioengine A5+ speakers.

This is a list I received from Audioengine, FWIW:

-Vogels VLB200 Speaker Wall Mount

-Sanus WMS2 Speaker Wall Mount

-BTECH BT-77 Side Clamping Wall Mount

-Pinpoint AM-40 Side Clamping Wall Mount

To confirm, the threaded insert is indeed 1/4"-20 for the A5+'s.
I did that last week with my KEF LS50's. I kind of liked it even though my room is not tailored for that. I needed the LS50s for another room so I now longer use that setup. 

To angle the speakers downward I first tried the isoACCOUSTIC stands. It was not handling the weight of the LS50's. I think I did not setup the stand properly. TO make things go faster I just used a hockey puck on the back of the LS50 with BluTack securing the puck and speaker in place.

I had this setup above 6 monitors and it was not too bad. I kind of miss it now.
YYZ thats awesome! Above 6 wow.
I think I have an idea. I am going to use either a gator desk mount stand that has tilt or the MS-80B that has tilt and a big front lip to hold the speaker in place. Then I am going to arrange for some kind of custom wood block. To raise them to the correct position above the monitors. They will be about 4 feet apart and ill be 4 feet away from the midline of them.
Was thinking LS50 or Proac tablette 10 signature. What do you guys think ?
The new Vivid monitors in the Kaya line have integrated wall mounts.  A bit pricier but they could be an interesting option for you.  
The Kaya 90 that I demoed was excellent. They have some hi-tech to cancel the back wave so they can be placed close to the wall. I believe all Kaya models have this tech.

Google something along the lines:
"studio speaker monitor ceiling mounts"
Hrm will consider those.

Right now my two leading contenders are SCM7 and LS50 (maybe meta)