Mounting Dynaudio Monitors on a Wall?

At the risk of getting shot I ask this question. Has anyone out there any experience with mounting Dynaudio monitors on a wall in a small cottage house out of necessity due to limited space and no room for floor stands? I will devise some form of bracketry to attach them to the wall or just build a small platform shelf and isolate it from wall itself with thin foam pad.
You are asking for an answer to a question no one can fully answer but yourself. You'll have to experiment to determine if the lifestyle acceptable bracket mount offers an acceptable compromise. I suppose you are asking this question because you haven't yet purchased the speakers you are considering. In your position, I might try and borrow or purchase something similar I could return to a local "big box" store and try listening in the anticipated postion. A better solution would be to buy a speaker specifically designed for this sort of installation. The Wilson Duette comes to mind, albeit at a high price point for most of us. This is a situation in which I'd be consulting with and purchasing from an experienced dealer.
Dynaudio makes versions of their monitors that are designed to be mounted on the wall. I'm assuming you've already got a pair of standard monitors, but if you don't, they make a product to do just what you're looking for.

I think you'd be fine with the setup you describe. I would go with "shelves" if possible, rather than a mounting bracket - anything that gets the rears at least a couple inches away from the wall. And, of course, use the port plugs.

Knowing there will be some sacrifice, I'd be happy with a setup like that with a pair of Audience 40's or 50's.
I built small shelves years ago to use Linn Kans "wallmounted". I found antique corbels- cornice brackets- in NYC, which are available from many more sources now. 2 small squares of 1x6 stepped up and painted. Pretty rigid and fairly light, mounted to wall with a large hinge on the top of the shelf with toggles. Very Architectural, too.

Linns are still kicking too, although I shop for replacements perennially.