mounting cardas golden 5c

I am French and I have a problem to mount in xlr

a cable Cardas Golden hexlink 5c

if someone "one knows the original mounting
thank you for your help

the cable is like that:

sorry with my english

Uploaded with [URL=][/URL]
nobody ?
Hi Pauleau....the word "mounting" is probably what you don't mean. ..perhaps "install", re-terminate, ??
sorry with my english ....

I want to connect in XLR this cable (cardas hexlink golden 5c)

the cable is like this :
this mount is correct ??

thank you very much
Hi, do you also know how to re-terminate the hexlink for RCA?
Don't fool around - send your cables back to Cardas. Unfortunately that is enamel coated litz wire - good luck soldering it!