Mounting a Triplanar or similar on an SP10

Has anyone tried to mount a Triplanar on an SP10? I was trying to do it tonight. Because of the fact that the Triplanar mounting flange is offset considerably to the left of the pivot point of the tonearm per se, the only way to mount the arm in proper position for correct pivot to spindle distance (233.5mm) is to have the arm overhang the table by a considerably amount when at rest, at a severe angle. It appears that if one wants to use a 9-inch tonearm on an SP10, it had best be one in which the vertical shaft and the pivot are in the same vertical plane, like 99% of the Japanese tonearms of yore. If you are an esthete, like me, you will dislike the assymetry, but I may decide to live with it. I also now understand why a lot of guys use 12-inch tonearms with the SP10.
Lets see, if you are using a Technics SP10 MK I or MK II the turntable usually came standard with the EPA 100 or EPA 500 tonearm. Both are have the following specifications:

Mounting hole diameter: 62 mm
Effective length: 250 mm
Mounting distance: 235 mm or 9.5 inches
Overhang: 15 mm

Now the Triplanar:

• Effective length: 250 mm
• Pivot-to-spindle distance: 233.5 mm or 9.19 inches
• Overhang: 16.5mm

Seems like it can be mounted, easily, and new arm mounts are available.

Music at work, That's kind of what I thought, until I took my Triplanar up to the SP10 and started to try to locate the holes I need to drill. The problem arises due to the aforementioned offset between the mounting flange of a Triplanar and the actual vertical pivot point. (Look at a photo of a Triplanar, if you don't have one handy.) If you can picture it in your mind, the Triplanar must be rotated clockwise to a final point that is at a fairly severe angle with respect to the SP10 chassis, in order to bring the vertical pivot point inward such that the pivot to spindle distance is the desired 233.5mm. After I posted, I began to think about this and realized this is a Triplanar-specific issue (applicable also to a few other tonearms that are similarly constructed) and has nothing much to do with the SP10 Mk2 per se. But with the SP10/Triplanar combo, one must place the mounting flange adjacent to the thinnest part of the SP10 chassis (in the horizontal plane). If you go forward (toward the front of the deck) or rearward from there, the SP10 chassis gets in the way, and the desired pivot to spindle distance is unobtainable (with the Triplanar). This will be the 4th turntable on which I've mounted my Triplanar, but it will take some ingenuity.