Mounting a cartridge

I’ve read about mounting cartridges-overhang... tracking force... etc. I did my first cartridge, I’m Feb. But, I just went 3 or 4 steps up the ladder with my new one.

I want to learn how to take all those disparate pieces of technical requirements & turn it into a beautifully mounted cartridge. Every other thread lists all those factors & preamp settings & then talks about how the cartridge sings “when it was dialed in”. But, I don’t have an audiophile buddy to tutor me as we go.

I live in the northern suburbs of Chicago & I’m feeling my way into audiophiledom thru threads & articles.  I don’t want to pay to drop off my tt at a shop & pick it up mounted. I want tp learn & do.  I don’t mind paying someone to do an inhome & TEACH me as WE mount my cartridge. I’m sure they’d have the expensive protractors & AnalogMagik.

Is there anyone/any place that does that here in North Chicagoland?

Thanks, as always for your guidance.
As for that youtube video, if I was just swapping the carts I would have pulled the stylus off first to avoid damage. he was kinda manhandling it.
Guys, the site is active and fully functional, while the old Essential site is not.

Thanks for the kind words, tochsii. It was a pleasure to help you.

The Shure SFG-2 has worked perfectly for dozens of years, and unlike no-name electronic devices, will never go out of calibration unless the Earth’s gravitational force changes substantially. Its graduations are in 0.05g increments, and don’t be fooled by non-believers, the accuracy will remain +/- 0.025g forever.
Yes, but it's very fiddly to use. And the styus must sit in a metal groove, while I'm sliding the weight around on the other end of the fulcrum. That groove could break the stylus right off the cantilever. I use one but it makes me nervous.

I have a digital scale, but don't trust it — the readings vary too much, even when VTF is constant. Probably a bad one.

Mostly I use the old Technics SH-50P1; electronic though not digital. Much safer than the Shure, and more consistent than (my) digital unit.