Mounting a cartridge

I’ve read about mounting cartridges-overhang... tracking force... etc. I did my first cartridge, I’m Feb. But, I just went 3 or 4 steps up the ladder with my new one.

I want to learn how to take all those disparate pieces of technical requirements & turn it into a beautifully mounted cartridge. Every other thread lists all those factors & preamp settings & then talks about how the cartridge sings “when it was dialed in”. But, I don’t have an audiophile buddy to tutor me as we go.

I live in the northern suburbs of Chicago & I’m feeling my way into audiophiledom thru threads & articles.  I don’t want to pay to drop off my tt at a shop & pick it up mounted. I want tp learn & do.  I don’t mind paying someone to do an inhome & TEACH me as WE mount my cartridge. I’m sure they’d have the expensive protractors & AnalogMagik.

Is there anyone/any place that does that here in North Chicagoland?

Thanks, as always for your guidance.
Do you own a stylus force gauge and any sort of protractor for establishing geometry? 
Lewm, I have a force gauge & I got a protractor off Amazon. I mounted the old cartridge. I just hear so many people say at this level & above, how precise mounting is both tricky & an absolute requirement. I don’t want diminish the cart by saving a buck by not having it done precisely.

Im still hoping there are audiophiles here in Chicago who can either “tutor” me or point me towards a professional who will install & teach.
I would give Music Direct a call. They can certainly guide you toward the tools you will need. Thay may also let you sit in while they mount your cartridge. 
First thing is, what turntable and cartridge are you using? Depending on that, there may be little to do (with a Technics turntable and conventional Technics arm, use the provided offset gauge, then with a Shure SFG-2, set the tracking force to spec of the cartridge manufacturer and set anti-skate to the same value, finally check and adjust VTA and azimuth) or all of the above plus getting out the alignment protractor. Or if you have a p-mount arm, there is nothing to adjust except tracking force. 
What sort of protractor did you acquire from Amazon?  Does it have a brand name?  (Amazon will sell anything to anyone.)  These days, you can purchase a very accurate digital stylus force gauge (SFG) for a few bucks more than the cost of the Shure device, which is laughably inexact by comparison, even though for much of our audio lives that is all we had to use.  I recommend the Ortofon digital SFG, because the weigh pan is completely non-magnetic. Some of the others that you can buy on eBay and elsewhere have a slightly magnetic pan.  Not good if you are setting VTF for an MC cartridge, which tend to have powerful magnets.

If right now you only have a Shure SFG, I do not mean to imply you shouldn't use it.  It does require care and skill and a willingness to fuss, in order to get the VTF in the ballpark, which is to say +/-0.3gm.
The Shure SFG-2 has worked perfectly for dozens of years, and unlike no-name electronic devices, will never go out of calibration unless the Earth’s gravitational force changes substantially. Its graduations are in 0.05g increments, and don’t be fooled by non-believers, the accuracy will remain +/- 0.025g forever. You get a 2 year warranty also, not a “90 day” warranty from an untraceable manufacturer in China. 
There is one electronic stylus force gauge sold on Amazon that is really good, made by Riverstone Audio. Non-magnetic construction, measures with the arm/cartridge at playing height, etc. $28.95 with free shipping. Video on You Tube explaining its’ design and demonstrating its’ use. Positive reviews on the VPI and Steve Hoffman Forums and Analog Planet.
Look up Brian Walsh. He came to my house to set up my cartridge. 
He has a web site under Essential Audio
Thanks loki1957. I called Brian this morning.  He had time & I’m listening to albums now.  He’s a great guy & was very willing to teach me as he went along.  Between all the recommendations here, videos & Brian this was a great learning experience.  Thanks everyone.
As for that youtube video, if I was just swapping the carts I would have pulled the stylus off first to avoid damage. he was kinda manhandling it.
Guys, the site is active and fully functional, while the old Essential site is not.

Thanks for the kind words, tochsii. It was a pleasure to help you.