Has this title ever been released on an Audiophile (or higher quality import) CD or vinyl?
fatparrot: which artist/group recorded this album? i can find nothing titled "mountain" on any of my usual search sites. lots of titles that include the word but none without other words. -cfb
Kelly surely you're familiar with bigman Leslie West's Mountain release, from very early 70's I believe it was. "Mississippi Queen" has been played literally millions of times since then: this tune still rocks-out IMO.
Sorry Parrot I can't answer your question, only Kelly's. Maybe this will tickle his memory?
WHOOPS! Part of my heading got dropped! This is the group/title that I'm interested in.
Are you talking about "Mississippi Queen" by Mountain? If you are, I have never seen it released in any quality CD or album.
I think it's a Steve Earl album-I have no idea what it's avaiable on,it's only a few years old.
Or else it's the old band Mountain who were excessively excessive-Nantucket Sleigh Ride was their big track...lasted three days if I remember right..
fatparrot: now that i know what you're lookin' for (i think), i can report no findings of anything close to "audiophile-quality" recordings of nantucket sleighride, or anything else by mountain, on cd or lp. there are a few very inexpensive (gee, i wonder why) cd's of mountain at amazon:

and, bob, sorry to disappoint ya, but i really don't remember "mississippi queen" as a 70's anthem. i useta frequent a drag bar in rock island with that name, tho. -cfb
An anthem of 70´s indeed it is!!!!!!!!
As many others this was a lone hit group agree with Bob it still rocks!!!
Has anybody found anything good quality remastering about Heart, what about any DVD in concert it't nice for us over 35 with some memory when rock was rock.....
I might be mistaken, but I believe Nantucket Sleighride was an album by a band called Seatrain. Mississippi Queen is on Mountain's Mountain Climbing album.
I believe that there is currently a listing on Ebay for a Japanese pressing of Mountain "Climbing." This may be the closest one gets to an "audiophile" copy. "Mississippi Queen" sure was a standard with the group I used to hang out with in high school, along with Skynyrd etc -- but then we were in Kentucky.....
It was a standard right here in NYC, Leslie West is from the New York area. Nantucket Sleigh Ride was a song on one of Mountain's albums. I was fortunate to have seen them play more than a few times. West's tone was incredible, reminding me of Sonny Rollins. They were able to use West's size as a gimmick, but I suspect that poor health was in large part at the root of their departure, not any lack of chops or talent.
Indeed, Nantucket Sleighride is the name of the album (1971 release). I have it on BGO records; have never seen an audiophile version.
Can't answer the question, but I have one of my own. Does anybody remember the short-lived late night talk show where Leslie West lead the house band? It was one of the challengers to Letterman (late 80s or early 90s) and it died a quick death. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the host.

Leslie West is a bona fide guitar god. He has tone and a vibrato to die for.

BTW, the current issue of Mix has a feature article on the "Mississippi Queen" recording session.
Mississippi Queen was a huge top 40 hit when it came out, and was indeed on their debut album "Climbing" (Leslie West had released a self-titled solo album prior to that). Nantucket Sleighride (the song) was the title track from Mountain's 2nd album. The band was enormously popular for many years, and played their first major gig at none other than the original Woodstock festival.

A fair number of albums followed after that (Avalanch, Flowers of Evil, etc.) and the band broke up due to Felix Pappalardi's health and social difficulties with Steve Knight. West went solo after that (West, Bruce, and Laing, with ex-Cream Jack Bruce), and the Leslie West Band, with ex-Spooky Tooth Mick Jones on 2nd guitar, before he started Foreigner.

As to the question, haven't seen any hi-quality audio releases of the discs, though. Pity, 'cause the stuff is good (even though the children just don't get it since they weren't around at the time).
Mountain not only featured Leslie West on vocals and lead guitar (he was formerly with the Vagrants) but the bass player was Felix Pappalardi (sp?) who produced most of the albums for Cream and other major English bands. As far as audiophile recordings, I'm afraid you're climbing up the wrong "mountain."
So the album titles are finally sorted out. This is related to the topic, and I thought I'd share with all you Mountaineers: I saw Little Feat once right before Lowell passed on, and they brought out Leslie West to play along on "Fat Man in the Bathtub"! I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing: two of the greatest American guitarists jamming to one of the classic Feat songs.
There is an audiophile Japanese pressing of Mountain's "Flowers of Evil" on sale at "#2 Records" in Frankfurt, Germany right now for about $20, I think. It has a live version of "Mississippi Queen" on it.
Speaking of MISSISSIPPI QUEEN does anyone remember the cult classic movie VANISHING POINT? Remember the scene towards the end of the movie with the beautiful blonde riding nude on the Honda 350 through the desert? Remember the background music...MISSISSIPPI QUEEN!
vanishing point--now i remember the tune. -cfb