Mott The Hoople

I just pulled out my Absolute Analogue reissue of "All The Young Dudes", and while I don't have an original for comparison. I have to say that this is one great sounding LP! If only all of the current remasters from days gone by could sound so current and revelant, I would be even happier. "Sweet Jane" from Lou Reed to Mott to Cowboy Junkies, and others, what a great song!
IMHO, Margo Timmins does "Sweet Jane" better than anyone. I am, of course, in love with her so maybe that is clouding my judgement...nah, she nails it!
Margo's version closer to Reed's than Hunters. Originally lyrics started "Jack is in his vest, Jane is in her corset.." but it changed to "Jack is in his corset, Jane is in her vest.." to reflect the wild side of rock n roll. Mott's "All the Young Dudes" was a EPIC LP amongst my coterie of friends near and far, and wherever I roamed in my young life, from Alex Cooley's, to CBGB's, to hanging with chums in front of the Melkweg before the show - Mott's Sweet Jane was loved buy one and all. Reed's Heroin and Hunter's Sweet Jane really captured the adrenalin and angst of rock and roll lives that many understood (for better and worse).
Hey, you were in De Melkweg? Encounter of the Third Kind.
I saw Alejandro Escovedo and Chuck Prophet do a wonderful version of Young Dudes at McCabe's in Santa Monica last year. Early in the show, Prophet talked about how he and Escovedo listened to the original Young Dudes album all through the making of Escovedo's most recent album (which features Prophet extensively). Then they fired it up for the encore. Great song, gotta revisit the full labum.
..Paradiso too.

Remember Gong? Euro youth loved to trip to their music. These days the collection is a sea of Jazz and classical with a new wave and a dozen way-back-when recordings. Some call it maturing, I call it the wrinkling age.
Martykl, glad to see someone else here who's into Alejandro Escovedo. Saw him for the "Real Animal" tour in Ft. Lauderdale and bought the vinyl at the show. He did "Young Dudes" for the encore. His new one "Street Songs of Love" just came out. I checked with Music Direct yesterday and they don't have it yet. Can't wait.

As for "All The Young Dudes," please don't forget Bowie . . . after all . . .

Bowie and Lou Reed were major influences on Escovedo.

Thanks for the heads up on the new Escovedo record.

New Escovedo produced by Tony Visconti (Bowie) with guest shots by Ian Hunter (Mott The Hoople) & Springsteen.