Motorized volumepoti for AR LS 25 MK 2


Looking for advice where to get a motorized volumepoti for AR LS 25 MK 2.

Thanks a lot.

Don't buy a pot, but instead buy a stepped attenuator for much improved sound. Kosmo makes a great one with remote if you can fit it as well as Goldpoint with a Bent audio motor. They are larger so check for fit. If you must have a pot, then the Alps company is most likely what is already in there. 

Hi grannyring!

THX for your help!

I would like to get the same which is built in right now.

I do have the problem with crackling sounds when I use the volumecontrol.
Had everything cleaned but still theres this ugly sound.
It startet a while ago.
 I was getting to trade this amp plus money to get a bigger AR.
Can not do the trade in this condition.
Neither would I like to have this condition if I keep it...

Perhaps you know which stepped attenuator is build in?

Or can I use another new one with the same rc?

Appreciate your time and knowledge.

All the best and kind greetings from Austria.


If there is a way for you to hear an EAR-Yoshino 868 pre, it comes standard with a remote-controlled motorized volume pot. It was found to have better sound than the ARC Reference 3 by Robert Levi, President of The Los Angeles and Orange County Audiophile Society and contributor to Positive Feedback Magazine. The 868 sells used for around $3000.