Motorized volume speed adjustment

I have a Parasound preamp that I think sounds excellent but the motorized volume control moves so fast I can't remotely dial in a good level. I've tried adding some resistors to the motor to slow it down and that works to a degree but the mechanical resistance of the pot makes it stick so I have to lower the volume first then raise it to get the level I want. I've thought about using diodes to lower the voltage that goes to the motor thinking that might give a little more instantaneous punch to overcome the mechanical resistance but haven't had time to experiment.

Has anyone out there had this problem and come up with a good fix?
I guess you have to play with magnetic forces rather than playing with electric ones in that case.
Play with starting inductance values if such exists or try to play with two-pole magnet either increasing or decreasing a magnetic field arround the motor. If the motor is magnetically shielded you maynot get a desirable result
Thanks, I'll open it up again and see what I can find. If I make a modification that works, I'll post it.