Motor Options

Looking to upgrade the motor on a Well Tempered Classic. The WT factory tells me that they can get me their lastest greatest AC motor with some sort of power conditioner built in-line (same one that they use on their top model table) OR I can go with the new Origin Live DC motor/transformer. Both are about the same cost- which one should I choose?
I'd also appreciate any comments on the Teres motor.

Hi Jim. I haven't done much research on changing motors on the WTC. I think in general that a DC non-cogging motor is better than an AC motor. But it has to have a good speed control system.

I tried the Origin Live DC motor system the other day on a TT that I was evaluating for someone, and it worked quite well. The only thing was that I didn't care for the way you have to set the speed adjustment. They don't have a dial on the front, you have to turn the controller box over and use a small screwdriver to adjust speed, while you have a strobe disc on the platter. Other than that, it did quite well.

The Teres DC motor system is superior, I think, but it requires a strobe pattern to be permanently applied on the underside of your platter, and an optical sensor to be installed in the plinth to read the strobe pattern.

Redpoint has a good DC motor system, and I have heard of people who have replaced very high end TT motors with it to good effect, and it needs no strobe pattern or sensor installed. It uses the same Maxon Swiss-made motor as the Teres, but a different kind of controller.

For AC motors, I have heard excellent reports about the Walker Motor Controller being used on a number of different turntables.
Thanks, Tom. I heard from Chris at Teres and he gave me the diminsions- their motor is much too large to fit.

I've been searching for a Redpoint webpage and cna't seem to find anything- anyone have it?

Jim, you may want to email Thom Mackris at he is the Colorado connection for Redpoint/Galibier. He designed the controller and would be able to let you know if theirs will work in your application. I have the controller and it work great. I am though using a Redpoint TT and am not familiar with the requirments that you may have with the Well Tempered Classic.