Motor for NAK 1000zxl ?

I just bought a used Nak 1000 ZXL and need a working capstan motor for my Nak certified buddy to put in. Nak parts seems to have been sold. Any suggestions?
I didn't keep track, so you will have to dig it up yourself- I found that by doing a web search on nakamichi that many parts were still available that the nakamichi service centers said were unavailable. Sorry I can't tell you where they were.
if you can mount it yourself which i'm pretty sure requires a knowlege of sophisticated nak belt driven system you can also replace belts as well. nakamichi is also located in us(not sure but probably vermont) that offer replacement parts for every model along with belts heads and other different parts. if you can't replace the motor yourself the repair at nakamichi might be very costly.
Check out the unofficial Nakamichi web site at

Among other things there is a list of non-Nakamichi-affiliated repair shops. Perhaps one of them could help.