Motley Crue New Studio Album, Opinions?

Picked this up yesterday. A step back to the old in my opinion. Good, tight simple songs...I am surprised they didn't stick with Bob Rock on the production. Though this is much more raw sounding album I feel it misses on the production quality..
Thanks for reminding me, I'm going to get it today...

I am a big fan of Nikki's solo album (SIXX AM)
Something told me you were going to be the first to post
this.......I be right!
It's my opinion that it will be on Billboard's top 100,000 albums for the month of June.
Did they ever make any music worth listening to, I have heard of them.
I saw them 'interviewed' on Larry King a couple of eves ago.If that tells you anything.
I guess Tommy is back with Pamela.Looks like Tommy won the slug fest with 'the kid'
I never did get into the 80's hair bands.

The Sixx AM stuff is awesome. You have to give Nikki credit. He is a talented guy..Looking forward to seeing them July 8th on LI.


Now what would have told you that?? :)


I guess if your not a fan of a particular type of music that general statement could be made about any band or artist.
Zigo: Uhhhhhhhhhh. yeah yeah yeah.
(my best beavis and butthead impersonation)
sluts are cool!
No offense but I was living a freestyle life in that era and music was not a priority.
Song title # 6.Mutherf***** of the Year says just about everything that every person with appreciation of music and musicians needs to know about the CD.
screw that, I just wanna know everything about Pamela.
More-plastic-than-Mastercard Pamela?