Motif MC 7 or MC 8

I have an opportunity to purchase a Conrad Johnson Motif MC8 or an MC7. The MC8 is $700 and the MC7 is double that. Is the MC7 worth the added cost considering the dual mono configuration?
The MC7 is the better preamp. They both are very nice. They both have nice phono stages, which is the reason to consider them.

Is the MC7 worth double? Considering that they do not appear very often for sale, that depends on you. The MC7 sold for about 50% more when they were new.

The MC-7 is the more neutral. The MC8 is slightly to the warm side.
I too would go for the MC-7. It offers a very open window on the sound. There is a rightness about it. I have had all three (still have a pair of 7s and a 10). The 8 was a little warmer than the 10 and the 7 is the leanest. I saw a 10 go for 1600 here and then tried to get that for didn't happen so the prices you are offered are attractive. They are all great preamps and very under rated and under valued.

The circuit design of the popular Conrad Johnson PFR is for the most part an MC-10 in a CJ case with a remote control added.
The separate MC-11 phono stage also basically became the EF-1 that sold with the PFR.

The MC-10 has many higher quality parts than the PFR. This is not to say that the parts in the PFR are not of good quality, they are very good.

There was also the MC-9 which is line stage only version of the MC-8 (ie, no phono).

The Motif line was Lew Johnson's baby.
I'm guessing that if your running a pair of mono amps, going with the dual mono MC 7 might make more sense. I'm also guessing that if your running into a regular stereo amp, perhaps the MC 8's lower cost might make sense. Just guessing though.
I appreciate all comments. Which of the two images the best or is it a tie? Is the depth of soundstage pretty much the same?
Usually a dual mono piece will image better.