Moster Cable HTS 5000 Owners

I just got a HTS 5000.I have a HT reciver,5 channel amp,DVD player,and a 36" tube TV.My question is: With everything plugged into the HTS 5000,what should be switched,unswitched,or be on delay.The manual didn't specify.I would appreciate any help.Thank You John
Part of this depends on your energy conscience and part on appreciation of always on for better sonics. I keep my DAC and preamp on because of the low energy usage and biggest bang for the buck. Other things I keep as switched since they seem to make much less sonic difference relative to energy wasted.
Just keep everything on via the HTS 5000 and turn each piece on/off from its own control.
It doesn't matter much. I would leave all always on (especially DVD player) unless the 5 channel amp is a seperate component, then you could delay that and sub. It just reduces initial current draw. If your not blowing fuses or getting loud popping when turned on, you are likely OK.
I have a 2500 and I keep my amps (tubes) on the timed switched outlets, the preamp (also tubes) on the untimed switched outlet, the digital stuff on the two unswitched digital outlets, and everything else in whatever fits. Most of the solid state equipment is left on all the time, so they fill the bulk of the unswitched outlets. So far, the results have been very good and I never hear any unwanted pops or clicks. I use a remote control to turn the entire system on and off, and everything powers up and down in perfect sequence.
It would be a good thing to have your power amps on the delay setting. This delay allows any transients that occur on power-up to dissipate before the amps power up thereby avoiding damage to speakers.