Most transparent power amp

Hi there,
i would love to hear what brand that you have experienced with transparent of sounding? The kind of transparent is similiar to solid state amp like Cello, Spectral, tube amp I would think is Counterpoint SA4.

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I had Rotel RB1590, Classe M600 monoblocks and Cary 211FE... Then I brought in the Boulder 2060 right when I had all of those amps in 1 room.

Boulder 2060 transcends them all.
Atma-sphere, Novacrons, Classic Audio T-3.3 Field coil speakers. Really takes you away from previous thought. 

The Counterpoint SA4 was designed by Roger Modjeski of Music Reference. It was an OTL amp, and he sold the design to Counterpoint, who manufactured and marketed it. Modjeski has some OTL's in his current Music Reference line. To find them do a Google search for Music Reference, and Music Reference / RAM Tubeworks will be the first site shown. Click on "Complete Price List" for a little info on all his amps, including the OTL's.

Not trendy, high-profile, or flashy (Roger's not a flashy kinda guy) but REAL good amps. His RM-200 Mk.2 is currently in the Stereophile Class A / Tube category, along with some way more expensive amps from trendier, higher-profile, flashier companies. Undeservedly under-owned. High owner satisfaction, very rarely for sale used.

Julius Futterman H3AA's driving Quad 57's and KLH Nines! I first heard these back in 1978 and the sound quality is indeed a benchmark for openness and transparency!