Most suitable and effective isolation platform

I'm looking for the most effective isolation platform for my TW Acustic Raven GT.
Current options that I'm familiar with (but haven't tried out myself):
1) SRA Ohio
2) HRS M3X
3) MinusK BM-6/8
4) Kinetic Systems "Vibraplane" ELpF

Would love to hear your opinions/experiences. Also, if you have other suggested solutions - feel free to chime in!
I have a custom SRA VR under my Galibier Gavia
it's 85 lbs

I specified the dimensions for extra room for the pod and record brush, zerostat etc

Kevin works on designs for lowering resonance of nuclear submarines

I have the table on an SRA craz rack
great isolation
worth at least looking at is the 'ultimate' solution; which is the Herzan TS-140 which is what use under my Wave Kinetics NVS tt here.

properly implemented active isolation will dramatically reduce feedback and is the only isolation approach that can stop and start, all passive isolation settles so is soft.

the Herzan needs a good quality grounded rack to be optimized. you would not want a decoupling rack and the Herzan as then the two isolation types would fight each other.
I have a Vibraplane from Sound of Silence. Works great for me. My SME 10 sits on Nordost sort Kone TC which sit on the Vibraplane. I think the SRA and HRS would work in conjunction with a Vibraplane or Minus K.

Based on what I read the SRA and HRS drain vibrations from your turntable. The Minus K and Vibraplane prevent vibration from getting to your turntable.

The Herzan is in a performance and price league of its own.
Mike, looking for the price of the Herzan I've come across a quote of ~$10000 - if that's the case - it's way off budget. Also, it would seem a bit overkill to place a ~$13000 TT on a $10k dedicated platform.
Jperry, you're saying that both are required?
An SRA/HRS platfrom under your table and the MinusK/Vibraplane below it? Or the other way around?
Sounds like a very expensive solution...
You may want to take a look at the TMC, the platform under the Rockport turntables
all of those are awesome and some get pticey. I have SRA and I would dfinite;y add symposium to your list.
just one word. Bungee cords.

what is your flooring?

slab, elevated

wood? carpet, tile? etc?

are you looking at isolation issues of a large scale or more subtle resonance issues

can't speak for the other but love SRA

if you had troublesome floors you might check out a wall mount turntable shelf

I'm sure you know that SRA is the preferred platform for TW? Jeff Catalano of High Water Sound is a dealer for SRA and TW. You should contact him. I'm sure HRS would work well too. I have a Raven AC and use a symposium Acoustic Quantum. It does a great job. Jeff sells those too but he would probably push you toward an SRA. If the Quantum is beyond your budget a Symposium Ultra would be a great choice too.

Have Fun!
First off congrats on owning a great deck! I would avoid any platform that robs you of dynamics, speed and presence, sometimes less is more. HRS and Symposium make great straight forward products without completely "breaking the bank".
Minus K is very simple, effective and made in the US. No need for
air-compressors, no fuss, no leaks. I have one under a 100 lbs Plinth, it's great, I hear more detail and no feedback from the floor.

Audiotomb, my floor is wood laminated slab.
I don't feel any serious issues coming directly from floor vibrations.
Looking for a general isolation solution.
Symposium works great.
Yeah, and starting to sound like a broken record.
How about a $100 piece of granite or marble (30-50lbs) under the TT?
Yes I'm a broken record if it bothers you am so sorry.
Granite and marble are bright and ring.
I tried granite
Very bright not tonally balanced

Wood on slab is good

The have both the vr and ohio series SRA platforms
They both work great
It's true that a slab of marble or granite will ring when struck with a hammer. The secret is don't strike it with a hammer when the music is playing.