Most rooms don’t need acoustical treatment.

Why?  Because acoustical treatments presented are in virtually empty rooms. Unrealistic.

my rooms have furniture and clutter.  These rooms don’t really have a need for treatment.  It’s snake oil, voodoo science.  
So why is accoustical panels gonna help?  No one can answer this, most have no clue.
"The acoustician knows the problem but can’t imagine the solution, so he doesn’t ask the DSP engineer.”
Helmholtz did never own a dsp system but he created room acoustic with bottles...

I imitated him and my room with a 500 bucks system trash all my 7 headphones and rival any systen i had listen to...

You are right in your post about the great tool DSP integrated will be .... I just want to make a "nuance" that primitive methods using helmholtz tubes and pipes to set the room/speakers together using EARS could work... I did it at no cost...

The orchestra fill my room with each instruments in his tonal sphere...
The state of the audiophile world is easily summed up in two threads. This one, with barely 2 pages, and the schumann resonator thread pushing 6 pages. One of these will make a difference. One will convince you that you made a difference, for a little while till you find something else wrong. Most audiophiles are lazy, this is the real problem.
What great character!
Only insults to a complete group of unknown people mixed together for the self pleasure of insulting...

No facts, only half truth about timbre and imaging.... Have you read the article by the 3 japanese? No?

Are you lazy?

Did you guess what was my simple experiment yet?
I was always under that assumption until I heard the difference a good well place sound diffuser made to the sound stage and presentation. I had a demonstration done to me and an audiophile group in a private home. The person that did the demonstration had no diffuser in the beginning and every one thought that it sounded great. All of a sudden, he mentions, "you guys want to hear something?" and he adds the diffuser on the front wall as the music was playing. The difference was knight and day. The depth, with, definition and stereo imaging was transformed for the better in a huge way. The minute he removed it, the stage fell back to it's former small self. Could be the way he made the diffuser that created all the difference. Materiel, design ext.  I have some in my home but could not afford his asking price so I bought from a competitor. Because of that, I get just about 10% of the effect. 
Maybe i purchase abunch of foam bass traps off amazon for about 50 bucks and see what happens.  Not much to lose.  Anybody use these?
Millercarbon- What does “As soon as we move from the
hypothetical home of the scoundrel to the particular home of the individual then acoustic treatment can suddenly matter a lot.”

On what planet do you exist? Why was it important to include the word “scoundrel”? Are you trying to come off as some kind of “Audio Sage”

You hit the nail on the head with this one. MC does think he is an "Audio Sage". As a matter of fact he’s a blowhard know-it-all.He relishes putting people down with sarcasm. And, if you watch, almost every new thread he is one of the first responders. So full of it. He doesn’t have a life or really listen to music, he just spends all of his time posting here.