Most resolving, transparent amps.

What has your experience been in amplifiers?

The most transparent, detailed amps you've encountered.
I like to hear everything that's going on and follow the different lines and instruments but it does need to come together musically.
Dead quiet, black background, dimesnional, layered, imaging, open, extended top end - all qualities of top amps, I think. Let the music come through as it was put on the disc - no editorializing.

What have you found?
Pubul57, I think your partly correct in regards to two type of systems. An accurate but high quality system will not be forgiven of poor recordings. On the other hand a system that colors the music may sound good regardless of the quality of the recording.

Muralman1, poorly recorded CDs are not difficult to find unless most of your CDs are fairly new.
PHD, since I changed my SCs to very short ribbons, I have had to toss out a few more. With few exceptions, all my CDs are fairly new. I entered the Audio race just eight years ago. Older CDs I bought have been largely terrible.
Red Wine Audio.
Being off the grid, you won't get a quieter background.
That naturally leads to a resolving ability that you have to
hear to appreciate.
...if price is not an object.......then my answer would be the 'grail' amp that chalice audio makes...there is a current review on 'positive feedback's far the best i have heard...price no'll hear more about these in the future..not for everyone ..but for those that want 'the best'...these might be the answer...