Most Reliable CDPs?

I have for some time been searching for a CDP (2-4K used), and have been quite struck, in reading the forums here, how many players, including top makes, are said to exhibit reliability problems. I realize some of this may be inevitable, given the technology, but are there players out there known for being trouble free? (My first player, an early Sony purchased from a dumpster, never glitched.)


North Creek Eskas
Stratos Dual Mono
Marsh 2000b
Jolida 100
Keep in mind that the transport mechanisms are often the most prone to failure and there are only a few manufacturers that actually build these while all the others source them as oem. There is far less diversity out there than what you might think.

I too have never had an issue with Sony. SCD-1 might be worth a look- or you could hedge your bets and go to a two box setup. The benchmark DAC is very tough to beat an runs under $1k.

esoteric and they also build the best and most reliable transport mechanisms
I second Wwshull's recommendation -- besides being an excellent player -- Esoterics' have very, very good transports.