Most recordings you own by a single artist, group, or composer

I went and purchased two more John Coltrane CD’s, "Blue Train" and "Traneing In", in spite of, relative to other artists, having way too many of his albums already. I do love his music and just now counted having forty-eight of his albums, not even including the ones he recorded with Miles Davis.

Is there anyone else out there at least equally nutty, or has more recordings by any single artist, band or composer? If so, who do you like, and how many of their albums have you collected and play? Miles Davis at thirty-three records and CD’s, comes in a not too distant second in my collection.

Hopefully this topic hasn’t been broached before here.

Jafant, I’m jealous. There can be no happy listening now, knowing you have all the Coltrane and Davis albums and I don’t. I’ll not rest until I’ve achieved that same goal. I do have all the Beatles, and all but the last couple of Rolling Stones releases though, so I’m keeping pace with you there at least.

yyman, that’s an impressive Dylan collection you’ve got going. When I was going to school at SUNY at New Paltz, we didn’t live that far from Woodstock, where he was with the Band at Big Pink. There was one record store in town that carried lots of his bootlegs in white jackets in a box below the legitimate records being sold. I wish now I’d the foresight to have gotten a few of those. Probably some rare material.

Doni could you recommend a couple of Richard Thomas solo outings you prefer, that showcase his guitar playing? I do have some of the Fairport Convention and Shoot Out the Lights, but no much more and none of his solo work.

lwal, good luck with trying to get the entire Dead catalog including all the bootlegs. That’s a true bottomless pit. Van Morrison is a deep pit too, and he's still digging it deeper. Which two Van Morrison albums are you missing?

Jssmith, never heard of Buckethead and don’t know how I could have missed someone with 270 albums to his name. I’m listening to him on youtube right this moment since you brought him up,

@skyscraper, two of my favorite Richard Thompson albums are "Rumour and Sigh" and "Mock Tudor."   Hope you enjoy them.  As for a specific song though, check out "Tear Stained Letter".  
The Allman Brothers Band
Most of the commercially available recordings on CD and Vinyl as well as instant live recordings of the shows I attended purchased at the Beacon.
Crazy thing is that even though I own all of these recordings, I now listen almost exclusively in all of my systems by streaming these same albums via Tidal into Bluesound Node 2i players.
Since I have a lot of LP's and CD's, people have asked me this.  As a trumpet player, I just knew it was Maynard Ferguson, by far.  A buddy counted the albums, and Lo and Behold, it was Jethro Tull.  Shocked the Hell out of me! 
Phish - 217 concert cd's, plus their studio albums.

Rush - their complete studio catalog on cd and vinyl, plus live albums